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Dare to mix prints!


Pants/Pantaloni - Zara via Kurtmann.ro
Top/Bluză - H&M
Sandals/Sandale - Zara
Watch/Ceas - I Like Paper
Bag, sunglassses/Geantă, ochelari de soare - Meli Melo
Hair dye/Vopsea de păr - Pravana

EN: Since my hair got blonde, I've decided to go wild and do to it whatever I feel like it. Now I'm in the blue/green period. In fact I wanted to do just some highlights in blue, green, purple, pink and orange, but when I washed it the blue spread to all the other colors. :)) The result: this undetermined hair color. :)) I do think it looks funky though. Again I have to thank Pravana for all the amazing hair dyes. I just love the colors they have. The Vivids, Pastels and Neons ranges are the best! You have to try them if you want colorful hair. They also have the ChromaSilk range that it is unique in that it can be used both as permanent dye, as well as semi-permanent dye, simply using a different oxidant. The hair care products and the hair styling products are really good too. I'm sure if you try something from Pravana you will become a loyal customer.
As for the outfit, wild is the word too. I've dared to mix different type of stripes and I think the outfit turned out pretty nice, if you ask me. The pants were 3/4, but because I'm really short that length was really weird on me, so I just opened the stitch and made them for my liking. They are very light and good for wearing in summer. 
What do you think of my new look?

Sporty-chic and some thoughts about life


Shirt/Cămașă - Bershka via Kurtmann.ro
Skirt/Fustă - Esmara
Sandals/Sandale - Foymall
Watch/Ceas - I Like Paper
Sunglasses/Ochelari de soare - Meli Melo

EN: Do you ever feel trapped on your daily routine and forget how to live, I mean really live?! I am in this situation for a while and I'm looking for a way out. I feel like I am in vicious circle and I'm in a fight to stop it. I do think we often forget what is important in life and we focus too much on our job, on a project, etc, and we don't take in consideration the small things that makes us happy. We often think success is equal with happiness, but most of the times we sacrificed so much in our way to success that when we finally achieve it we no longer feel content. And after we reached a goal we want more and more and more. How about being happy when we spend time with the family, with our friends or when we are taking a walk, how about we enjoy the coffee in the morning while admiring the view, how about that, guys, how about cherishing those moments? I dare you for a while to forget about everything except what makes you happy, focus on that, find out what really makes you wake up in the morning and make the best of it!

As for the outfit, I'm in the sporty-chic mood right now. The baseball shirt inspired me to create this kind of look. You will see me more often wearing casual clothes with a twist. The watch is pretty awesome because is made of paper and tearproof and waterresistant TYVEK. I have it for while and wore it only once. You can see that outfit here. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.
Thanks for reading!

Get your perfect dress on sale!


Hello, babes! I know the heat makes it difficult for us to dress elegant, but when we have clothes in light fabrics things get easier. So choose a dress that is easy to wear and let's your skin breathe. On tbdress you can find them and what is even better is that they are on sale. You have plenty of styles to choose from. And the range of prices is pretty wide too,  you can find all sorts of cheap women dresses at tbdress.
I'm a big fan of floral prints and maxi dresses, pleats are also a huge love of mine. I do hope you share these loves of mine, because I want to show you some lovely dresses like that below. Tip: you should take advantage of the TBdress fashion women dresses sale, you can find a dress for any occasion.
Here are some of my favorites:

Florals, florals and more florals


Dress/Rochie - HERE
Sandals/Sandale - She Likes
Necklace as bracelet- OneNecklace

EN: I guess many of you are on vacation now and having a great time, but I'm still in Bucharest and I have a new summery post for you. A dress with a floral print, colorful, chic, perfect for summer. It makes an interesting contrast with my latest post where I wore an outfit with a totally different style. I always like to make different combinations. I don't have my words with me today, so I leave you to enjoy the weekend and I want to hear your thoughts about the outfit.

Denim on denim - the cool combo


Top/Vestă - Walktrendy
Denim shorts/Pantaloni scurți - second hand store
Sandals/Sandale - Tally Weijl
Watch/Ceas - JORD

EN: I can't believe how hot it is in Bucharest, at 9 a.m there were 35 ºC (95 ºF). Freaking hot! In this weather is so hard to dress elegant, all you want is to throw some clothes on that will keep you cool a bit. Although is a real challenge! Btw, you can rarely see buses with air conditioning, I think there are 50 ºC there and no air at all, is a crime! You can't imagine how I hate that. Speaking of which, I was waiting for a bus today when another one, not the one that I needed, stopped at the station. All the people inside were dying from the heat, some of them had fans to make some air. And the bus had a huge commercial all over it saying: "Discover the best sensation of coolness!". What a huge paradox! I must admit I really laughed. I also wanted to take a picture, but my phone decided just then to stop working. Bummer!
Tell me, how is the weather where you live?

I want to talk a little about the outfit too. If you remember I was telling you in one of my previous posts that lately I'm a big fan of fringes. I only had black clothes with fringes, now I thought it was about time to add something more colorful: this denim top. It looks really cool and it definitely stands out! Paired it with another denim item in a darker color for a nice contrast. Hope you like it, guys!

Palazzo pants - an amazing choice for summer


Pants/Pantaloni - H&M
Top/Maiou - random store
Sandals/sandale - Stradivarius via Kurtmann.ro
Earrings/Cercei - Rossetti

EN: Yeah, people, I've dyed my hair a while ago. You must be thinking I'm too old for this, but trust me, age is just a number and the only numbers that count for me right now are the ones in my bank account. :))
The highlights were made, as usual with Pravana (semi-permanent dye which can be found here in many, many super cool shades). If you want to read more about my experience with Pravana and how you can dye your hair at home do check out this article: Tips on how to get a colorful hair.
As the outfit goes, I'm going cuckoo over palazzo pants lately. I've bought 3 pairs in only a few weeks. I had no idea they will look great on me, and when I've discovered that, I was as excited as Columbus when he discovered America. The beautiful sandals are from Stradivarius via Kurtmann.ro, they are comfy and  I can wear them in so many combos, one of the reason I bought them in the first place.
Btw, Kurtmann has crazy sales, 70% off, so hurry up and get cool stuff!

The pink girl


Dress/Rochie - Emamoda
Shoes/Pantofi - Stradivarius

EN: An outfit that I wore a month and a half ago at the 7 years anniversary party of Marie Claire Romania. A lovely party that took place at a new pool from Bucharest in a rainy summer day.
All I can say is that I got soaking wet on my way to the party, underwear wet, if you know what I'm saying. :)) So I had to head back home, dry my hair, redo my make-up, dry my clothes and get back on the road to the other side of Bucharest...yeah, dreamy! I got a little wet at the party too, but Meli Melo offered some umbrellas and saved the situation a little.
Yes, I'm wearing a lot of pink, so take a long look, because you won't see me like that very soon. And the hair still had an orange hue, because now I'm a blonde, weather I want it or not.
Have a breezy Sunday, dears!

Summer trend: Jumpsuits


EN: Ah, summer, you bring us so much joy with your warm sun! Is so wonderful that we can wear a lot of skirts, shorts, dresses and jumpsuits. And today I want to talk to you about jumpsuits, because they are so IN this season. Either with a floral print, with sexy cuts, all white or with stripes, they are amazing to wear this summer! And when you find them all in SALE is even more amazing! Below I've made a collage with my favorite rompers & jumpsuits that you can find on SheIn at fantastic prices.
Tell me, which one is your favorite?

RO: Ah, vară, ce bucurie ne aduci tu cu soarele tău plăcut! E minunat că putem purta fuste, pantaloni scurți, rochii și salopete cât de mult vrem noi. Iar azi vreau să vă vorbesc pe scurt despre salopete, pentru că sunt tare la modă sezonul ăsta. Chiar dacă sunt cu imprimeu floral, cu tăieturi sexi, albe complet sau cu dungi, toate sunt perfecte pentru a fi purtate în această vară. Și când le găsești pe toate la REDUCERE e și mai bine! Mai jos am făcut câteva colaje cu preferatele mele pe care le găsiți pe SheIn la prețuri incredibil de mici.
Ia ziceți, aveți vreo preferată?


In the summer keep it simple, yet chic!


Top/Bluză - Shein (HERE)
Pants/Pantaloni - second hand store
Sandals/Sandale - YesWalker
Earrings/Cercei - Six
EN: Apart from black that I began wearing increasingly more often, fringes are present quite frequently in my outfits lately. Proof are also these previous posts: Fringes here, fringes there, fringes everywhere! and Babe, stroll with that black fringed dress! Not to tell you that I just received a fringed denim vest. Hello, new obsession! :D
Since I praised so much the fringes, you can imagine how much I like the top (that btw now is on sale at just $9,99) from today's post. It has a boho-hippie air and a soft, easy fabric. I chose to wear it with a pair of 3/4 pants and colorful sandals for a casual, yet chic look. Summer is really here, so you won't see me in pants too often from now on.
Speaking of which, where will you spend your vacation?

A new beauty salon in town. Review


EN: A few weeks ago I got all pampered when I've visited a rather new salon in town, Salon Bram's. Got my nails and hair done and today I want to show you the result.

RO: Acum vreo două săptămâni am fost răsfățată la un salon relativ nou, Salon Bram's. Am fost invitată să încerc câteva servicii: manichiură și coafat, iar acum pot să vă povestesc și vouă despre ele.

De unghiile mele s-a ocupat Nuți și a făcut o treabă tare bună. Ea mi-a aplicat o ojă foarte rezistentă, asemănătoare celei semipermanente, dar care se poate șterge cu acetonă. Este vorba de Orly Epix. Eu am ales să îmi fac manichiura în două culori: un corai, o nuanță aprinsă perfectă pentru vară, și un auriu, care este șic și se potrivește cu noua mea culoare a părului.

Babe, stroll with that black fringed dress!


Dress/Rochie - HERE
Sandals/Sandale - Steve Madden
Earrings/Cercei - Jewelry Box

EN: Unlike other summers, this summer I wore a lot of black. Proof: today's look. Perhaps it fits my current state of mind and therefore I insist with more black.
What can I say, this fringed dress is wow, but it has a "little" drawback: you can see my panties when I stroll like a diva on the streets of Bucharest. :)) And you know that people never stare or make inappropriate comments on the streets. :)) Exactly, they do it even when you are dressed decently.
Now I think you are asking yourself two normal questions: why the hell you went out of the house knowing everyone could see your underwear and how did you walked like that?
The answers are pretty simple: when this lunatic tried on the dress no underwear showed up in the picture (I guess I take bigger steps on the street, maybe a little wind contributed too). As for how did she walked like that: fortunately she had a rather large bag in her hand and held it in front all the way, no, it wasn't obvious she was hiding something. :)))

Maybe you notice a different hairdo too. What do you think about it?
Anyway since I've made these photos my hair color changed considerably. If you follow me on Facebook you know what I'm talking about.

That's it for today, have a cool week! :)

Hair by Armando (Bram's Salon)

A detail can make the difference


Dress/Rochie - SheIn
Sandals/Sandale - LovelyShoes
Necklace/Mărgele - random store
Bracelet/Brățară - gift

EN: It seems that lately I'm unable to post more often. Must be the summer air that keeps me away from blogging. :D I do have a lot of outfits photographed, so clearly this isn't the problem. And since I have them, I must begin showing them to you. So today we have one casual dress with an interesting detail. If it doesn't have an interesting detail, this girl won't like it. :)) We also have some chunky shoes, why have long sexy legs with a pair of heels when we can wear these shoes?! :)) And accessories, of course! This is the outfit. Make abstraction of the hair, the bangs didn't had their best day. 
The dress is so comfy that I could wear it all summer, if it didn't had long sleeves. I just rolled them for this look.
Dear folks, what can I say, I hope I will "see" you soon. Have a cool day!
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