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Dress/Rochie - ZLZ
Jacket/Geacă - SheIn
Shoes/Pantofi - SuperPantofi.ro

EN: I'm going to be short and sweet tonight, just like in real life, of course. :))) I got my cute rabbit print dress and I'm not afraid to flaunt it. Isn't this print adorable? I do think so. That's all for now, folks! Keep close for when I will have less work to do and more time to write you something nice. :)


That classic outfit


Jacket/Geacă - Jollychic
Jeans/Blugi - C&A
Top/Bluză - New Yorker
Bracelet/Brățară - Meli Melo
Earrings/Cercei - from a fair
EN: You just need to wait a little bit for the weekend to be here. Oh, the happiness! :) I had a calm week if you've looked from outside, but from inside there were a lot of turbulence. It seems that it became something normal for me. On one hand, is nice to feel of sorts of things you didn't know you can feel again, it makes your blood flow, but on the other hand, is exhausting and most of these things are painful. I fight them and enjoy them at the same time. Is interesting!
If you can believe it, today's outfit is a classic one. I didn't know I still remember this word. So I'm wearing a pair of jeans, a jacket and a top. Yes, me! And not just any jeans, but some classics (yes, I keep repeating this word). The jeans are from the new C&A collection, The Denim. They have tones of great models to choose from and all kinds of jeans: skinny, straight, flared and so on.
One more thing: have a weekend like no other (I'm talking only about positive things :D)!

REVIEW: Infinite Love - dragostea fără sfârșit pentru parfumuri

Până acum câțiva ani, recunosc că nu eram un fan al parfumurilor. Rareori le foloseam, mă înțelegeam mult mai bine cu loțiunile de corp și gelurile de duș. Asta până când am primit un parfum de care m-am îndrăgostit: Fragonard - Etoile. De atunci am vrut tot mai multe, fiind îndrăgostită în principal de esențele mai speciale. Am încercat destule, de la branduri renumite la parfumuri no name. 
De ceva timp am descoperit parfumurile de la Infinite Love. Este un brand ce comercializează esențe create după parfumuri celebre. Infinite Love este atât online: infinitelove.ro, cât și în câteva centre comerciale din București. Parfumurile lor poartă nume de orașe, iar în descriere găsiți și parfumurile cu care se aseamănă.

Eu mi-am ales 3. Unul bărbătesc și două pentru gagici. :) Milano E14 (Giorgio Armani - Aqua Di Gio Pour Homme), Quebec K169 (Chloe - Love, Chloe) și Sinai K178 (Dolce & Gabbana - Rose The One).

This fall wear the coolest dress


Dress/Rochie - Asos via Kurtmann.ro
Tights, boots/Dresuri, ghete - Tally Weijl via Kurtmann.ro
Jacket/Jachetă - SheIn

EN: Is a new week and I'm planning of enjoying it to the maximum. How, I don't know, but I do. It seems I really need to make some plans. :) Do you have something in mind for this week, besides work I mean? :)
Of course I'm in the mood to wear dresses, like always. I will do it until the weather won't let me, but I have a feeling I will do it then too. I do fancy this cool Asos dress, I really like the cut-out shoulders, they bring that "je ne sais quoi" to this piece. I'm sure it will have its share of wears.
Hope you enjoy the outfit and stay close, because I will post some old looks, some photos I took last spring that didn't had the chances to be featured until now.

What to Wear: coats & jackets for fall/winter

EN: Baby, is cold outside! Really cold if you ask me. All I can think of is cozy clothes to keep me warm this season. Cozy and chic, of course. Those are the two qualities I seek. So I'm searching for the perfect jacket or coat. I don't think it will be such a difficult job with all the proposals we have this fall/winter. A lot of wonderful items we can find on Banggood.com, a site that provides all kind of products, from electronics, computer & networking to jewelry and watches, from sports & outdoors to toys, home & garden and so on. Not to talk about clothes, shoes, bags. So you can find everything on this site, literally everything. :) But today we focus on coats. And below are some of my suggestions. Take in mind that they have really good prices. Not to mention they are must haves this season.
Your favorite?

RO: Vorba melodiei: "Baby, is cold outside!". Foarte frig, dacă mă întrebați pe mine. Mă gândesc doar la haine care să îmi țină de cald, de fapt care să îmi țină de cald și să fie șic. Astea sunt cele două calități pe care le caut. Așa că m-am apucat să caut jacheta sau paltonul care să îmi îndeplinească cerințele. Nu a fost o sarcină prea grea cu toate propunerile pentru sezonul toamnă/iarnă. O grămadă de produse faine găsiți pe Banggood.com, un site care are de toate, de la electronice, computere la bijuterii și ceasuri, de la produse de outdoor la jucării și produse pentru grădină și așa mai departe. Să nu mai vorbesc de haine, încălțăminte și poșete. Dar astăzi ne concentrăm pe jachete. Mai jos găsiți câteva din sugestiile mele, toate piesele la prețuri foarte bune. 
Preferata ta?

Women Red Lapel Coats Black Breasted Pocket Coat

Changes, maxi dresses and boho necklaces


Dress/Rochie - HERE
Necklace/Colier - HERE
EN: It comes a time in your life when you feel the need for a change. Sometimes you have the guts to do it, sometimes not. If you dare to do it, all that matters is not to regret it, even if it didn't turned out like you've wanted, it was an experience that helped you grow as a person. I did that change, I still didn't figured out if it was the right decision, but I'm sure I will discover that eventually.
I did a change in my haircut too, as you can see. Although the photos were taken in a very windy day and my hairdo wasn't the best. I've wore a maxi dress at the beginning of the fall, Maxi dresses are for short girls too, and now I've did it again. You can find really great maxi dresses online, mine is from GCGme and it has the best fabric that falls beautifully on the body and the most intense shade of blue. I so like it! You can find it now at almost half of the initial price right here. More colors are available.
I had just received this boho necklace from Happiness Boutique when I decided to wore the dress and they made a interesting match. For some while I prefer this type of necklaces, more boho-hippie, and this one is just perfect. You can find a great selection on their site.
I leave you with the photos. Have a fun day!

The best fall dresses for 2015

Girlies, is October already, I cannot believe it. The cold weather is here to stay. And as a big fan of dresses this makes me a little sad. The good thing is that are plenty of fall dresses we can wear. If it were up to me I would put a dress on no matter the weather. :)
We can choose cool prints, comfy fabrics, interesting cuts and we can make all sorts of beautiful combos. 
I do think you can find some amazing fall dresses on SheIn. You know I often wear their items and they are one of my favorite online stores. Below you can see my suggestions and if you want to know more about a specific dress just click the link. :)

The cheerleader jacket and the coolest graffiti


Jacket/Jachetă - Alcott via Kurtmann.ro
Top/Maiou - H&M
Jeans/Blugi - SheIn
Shoes/Pantofi - Stradivarius
Earrings/Cercei - Six

EN: Is freaking cold in Bucharest, it feels like winter. Come on, I want some fall first! 
As you might have guessed, this look is from a while ago when the weather was more friendly. This jacket, very similar to those worn by cheerleaders in the US, is very popular for some time now. This is my first acquisition and I'm planning on owning more pieces like this. Do you fancy them? I do think they are versatile and can be worn easily with a dress or skirt and sneakers maybe. I chose a casual combo with a twist: ripped jeans and heels. You can also see another way I wore those jeans in the IT watch and a cool-casual look post.
I do have some other outfits in store, so be prepared to see a few looks this upcoming week.
I will keep it short this time too, because I have a terrible headache. Kisses and have the coolest week!

Find the prom dress of your dreams


My dears, we as girls love to always look our best, to be the center of attention, to have the most beautiful dress in the room. Shopping is in our nature, I'm sure none of you can argue with that. We love to check stores after stores, but also love to shop online. We all know that is easier, we can check more products and all from the comfort of our house. 

And I know now that the school started you think of the prom night, that special night. And prom means searching for the perfect dress.  I have just the right solution for you, the Promtimes.co.uk site. You have a large selection of gorgeous, chic dresses to choose from. I even wish I had my prom to have the opportunity to wear one of their dresses. Is great that you have different colors to choose from, different silhouettes, fabrics, hemlines, necklines, embellishments, back details. I'm sure these prom dresses will steal your heart. I've picked some of my favorites for you, you will definitely like them. Also don't forget there are more than three thousand style for you to admire and make a decision. 

If you are on a budget, you can find prom dresses under 50. I promise you they are as beautiful as a dress can be.
So how do you picture your dream dress? How do you picture the prom night? They must be magical, you can make it magical with your attitude, with the way you feel dressed in that perfect dress.

Wonder Woman is wearing mom jeans


Crop top/Tricou - H&M
Jeans/Blugi - American Apparel
Shoes/Pantofi - Modlily
Earrings/Cercei - random store

EN: I do have a thing for Superhero tops. Now is Wonder Woman, last time was Superman. And it seems I keep pairing them with these mom jeans. :)) They are the go-to item for Superhero tops. :))) And of course, as you might have noticed, I'm wearing a crop top. I'm going nuts with these crop tops!
I will keep it short today, I don't know about sweet, because my apartment needs some good cleaning and it's time to get down to business. Wish me luck, I freaking need it!

McVitie's - biscuitul digestiv englezesc


McVitie’s te provoacă să descoperi biscuitul digestiv Original 
McVitie’s, biscuiţii creaţi în Anglia în anul 1892, provoacă acum românii să descopere gustul primei reţete de biscuiţi digestivi. Conform unui studiu intern realizat de McVitie’s, primii biscuiţi digestivi din lume, în prezent o treime dintre consumatorii din România aleg gustări cu un conţinut ridicat de fibre, proteine şi cereale integrale.
Reţeta McVitie’s - mai bună şi diversificată în timp
McVitie’s au fost produşi pentru prima dată în anul 1892 de Sir Alexander Grant, după mai bine de 50 de ani de experienţă în producerea biscuiţilor. De atunci, reţeta originală a fost permanent îmbunătăţită, s-au redus grăsimile şi zaharurile şi au fost create numeroase sortimente noi. În 1925 au fost realizaţi primii biscuiţi digestivi cu ciocolată, în 1985 a urmat gama McVitie’s HobNobs – biscuiţii cu ovăz, o altă inovaţie McVitie’s, iar în 1987 varianta lor cu ciocolată și lapte.
În prezent, aceşti biscuiţi fără arome artificiale sau coloranţi, produşi din ingrediente atent selecţionate, cu făină de grâu, faina integrală şi bicarbonat de sodiu, bogaţi în fibre (3,6%) şi elemente nutritive sunt cei mai îndrăgiţi biscuiţi englezeşti, aflaţi în topul preferinţelor consumatorilor din peste 100 de ţări. În Marea Britanie, biscuiţii digestivi sunt consumaţi cu ceai, în Suedia sunt savuraţi cu brânză, iar în Italia cu cafea, la micul dejun. Cei mai mulţi însă au descoperit noi posibilităţi de a-i consuma, cum ar fi în cheesecake, budincă sau fursecuri.

The crop shirt and the midi skirt


Shirt/Cămașă - Glow
Skirt/Fustă - Lovelyshoes
Shoes/Pantofi - Modlily
Earrings/Cercei - random store

EN: I have to wake up at 6 a.m tomorrow and I have a super busy day, but I got the feeling I will have another sleepless night. It won't be the first one, in fact if I slept will be a first lately. I'm proud that I can still function normally, but I do need my rest. And I need better days too, these sad days aren't of any help. Don't want them anymore! I will stop, I have to get ready for Webstock.
Guys, I invite you to see a new outfit. It seems this summer I had a passion for crop tops, fall is here and the passion is still going strong. Is shirts time to be too short and the one from today's post really is. I've wore it with a midi skirt and the coolest shoes. Tell me, you fancy it?
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