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Fashionistas in the house!


Last Tuesday I've attended the official launch of the Community of Fashionistas (a place where you can upload photos of  your outfits and get inspired or inspire others). You can find my profile here. It was a really lovely event where I've met some of my favorite romanian bloggers and got to know other pretty, stylish ladies.
This was the outfit for the night. The dress is a Lana creation, a daring and far from ordinary piece. I've accessorized it with a spiked headband made by Alice&Sara and a big black ring from Accessorize.

           Oliviana from Wonder Fashion, Raluca from Bucharest-Style and me
(click the photo for a larger size)
Oliviana, me, Sandra from The Hearabouts, Dana from Leather&Lace and Silvia from Bucharest-Style 
(click the photo for a larger size) 

Some of the beautiful fashionistas
(click the photo for a larger size) 

                                               There was also cake...
and macaroons

Oana Zidaru, from Diva Hair, organized a great event. Hope to see more like this one. It's a great opportunity to meet with lovely bloggers and people from the fashion industry and spend time chating and having fun.

Maxi's rock my world!


Hey, hey!

Last night I attended a lovely event, the launch of the Community of Fashionistas, but until I will receive some photos ( yeah, I didn't took any myself) I will show you what I wore today.

Today I met this cute little kitten that helped me take some sweet photos (just like Daria did a few days ago). She was adorable!

I'm not a woman of many words today, so I will let you enjoy the photos!

Later edit: Lately I'm getting less and less comments, it's something wrong with blogger? Please e-mail me if you can't comment and tell me about the problem. Thank you, guys!

Clogs-Blowfish Shoes- you can see them better here.
Blazer-no name

What I've been up to...


Today we will see what I've done lately, where I've went and how I've spend time.
On 10th June was my brother's and his friend book of comics launch in a stand-up comedy club in Bucharest. I wore this unique dress that I've won on Fashezine's giveaway! Thank you again, Ioana! I've combined it with some tights in a delicious bubble gum shade and my suede beige pumps. Unfortunately this is just a little preview, because I didn't had any photographer with me, just the ones that were at the event and I don't have any photo standing up.

                                                Me and my brother
If you are interested in buying the book you can find it here: comics.cevamarunt.ro

This next event was a couple of months ago, but I've remembered that I didn't showed you pictures. It was the celebration of three years of comics.cevamarunt.ro.

Me and the boyfriend

Ok..and this was yesterday when me and the bf went out for a drink at "Curtea berarilor"- Brewers Court or something like that. Although I'm not a drinker, I decided to have a beer, but don't think I've drink all from the pint...and yes, I drink holding it with two hands:))..maybe it wants to run and this way I stop it:))


Papillon Chouette's giveaway


My dear friend, Angie from Papillon Chouette, is hosting her first giveaway. She is offering a lovely dress to one of her readers. What I love most about this giveaway is that guys can enter too, because she has a great tee from Tommy Hilffiger to offer to them. So what you're waiting for? Click this photo to go to the giveaway post:

The 100th post


The rain doesn't want to stop! I went to Street Delivery(urban arts & crafts event that takes place in the streets of Bucharest) today and I got soaking wet, oh yes! So as you can guess I'm not showing you today's outfit, but the one I wore like a week ago and didn't want to post, but what the hell- a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do!!:))

This is my 100th post and I hope you've enjoyed my blog until now, I promise I will get better with time:) I have nothing special prepared for this occasion:P, but I will when I will celebrate one year of blogging at the end of September.

Dress&bracelet-no name
Necklace-Joliesse Design

Photo from Joliesse Design site.

Ne vedem vineri? -Comics.CevaMărunt.ro lansează primul album tipărit


Asadar si asa deci:) va astept vineri, 10 iunie, in Club 99( Bulevardul Dacia nr. 99) in jurul orei 17 pentru a va bucura cu mic cu mare de lansarea primului album tipărit Comics.CevaMărunt.ro. Albumul, ce are 120 de pagini full color, este editat independent de Toma Alexandru și Sergiu Floroaia (pe care cel mai probabil îi știți și din showurile de stand-up comedy), împreună cu Paul Alexandru și Dan Crișan.

Albumul are un tiraj limitat și conține comicuri ce au apărut pe site-ul Ceva Mărunt începând cu 2008, dar și comicuri exclusiv pentru ediția tipărită.

Comics.CevaMărunt.ro, ce a sărbătorit de curând trei ani de existență, a adunat până acum aproape 500 de comicuri și peste 1300 de cadre, fiind constant updatat de 3 ori pe săptămână.

Comics.CevaMărunt.ro a făcut parte dintre artiștii ce au contribuit la cartea “The Book of George” ce a fost lansată la începutul anului în Franța la Angloueme, dar și la proiecte precum 24h Comics care are și o foarte mică ediție printată ce va fi disponibilă la vânzare odată cu apariția albumuluii Comics.CevaMărunt.ro.

Baietii va astepta la o discuție, o sesiune de autografe, un moment de mentalism cu Vlad Grigorescu, o expoziție și câteva surprize.

Retro chic


Yes, summer is here, not my favorite season. I take spring over summer any time. I can't wait to melt myself on 40 degrees Celsius temperatures..or not!:) Where I'm going with this, well today was a hot day, still bearable, but hot nontheless.  The wind saved the day.
So what can you do on a hot day? Maybe go to a terrace and lye in the sun or you can go to a long, long walk to get rid of those 20 kilograms you've gained( yes, I gained 20 kilos, but no, not because I am a lazy ass, some health problems were the reason) in the last year and a half. Which one you think was my choice? The second one was definitely my choice! So I took my NEW vintage dress and put together a retro outfit, colorful retro outfit of course. I'm not too sure about the lenght of this dress: should I leave it like that or make it shorter, like knee lenght? What do you think?

P.S: If you have trouble commenting on this post please let me know on facebook : La Bohème

Dress-Cabaret Closet
Bow brooch-handmade from a fair
Ring-Raluca Botez

 On another note, I keep seeing my photos pixelated, unclear and I don't know why. Do you have any idea?

Meet my earrings 2


Since a few weeks ago I lost all the data from my computer, including all the outfits I've wanted to post here, I will continue posting  my earrings collection. I do miss showing you outfits though, so I promise I will very soon!

I think that I didn't told you in the last post but I have almost 150 earrings (I'm an earrings freak I know!). Yeah, give me earrings and you will make me happy!:) If you haven't seen the first part of my collection, here it is: Meet my earrings 1.  Enjoy the second part now!:)

1. Masks-Meli Melo, 2. Vintage feel-Accesorize, 3. Korn dolls- sorry, I forgot the name of the artist, 4. Bows-Ruxish Concepts

1. Lace-Ribbon line, 2. Butterflies-Accesorize, 3.from Kenvelo, 4. Tulle and wire-BWE

1. Green-ish-Ribbon line , 2. Tea and cupcakes-Darkchocolate-fairy, 3.Roses-Meli Melo, 4. Blue-random store

Which pair you like the most?

P.S: I keep seeing my photos pixelated, unclear and I don't know why. Do you have any idea?

Aminta's giveaway


The chic and creative Aminta from Aminta's Fashion is hosting a giveaway on her blog to celebrate 300 followers. The rules to enter are very simple and you can win any item from her shop.
Click on the photo to go to the giveaway page.

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