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The chicest cocktail dresses


Cocktail parties or cocktail receptions, like they are sometimes called, are a great opportunity to network, either socially or for business purposes. No matter the reason, you have to look your best. You have to present yourself classy and with remarkable manners. Never consume more than 2, 3 cocktails, you don’t want to make a wrong impression. Socialize with people, but don’t get extremely friendly or loud,  especially in business cocktails. Don’t forget your posture, you have to radiate confidence. A dress can be very helpful in this department. The right dress can bring you to the center of attention, if this is what you look for.
I have the perfect cocktail dresses for you from Jecicadress. Now you can rock the party!

Chiffon A-line Straps Knee-length Cocktail dress

This champagne colored dress is lovely, decent and very chic. Is the right choice for a cocktail party. It can successfully be worn at a business cocktail.

Chiffon A-line Sweetheart Short Cocktail dress

More appropriate for a social cocktail than a business one. The length doesn’t make it wearable for the business cocktail. Purple is a great choice no matter the occasion!

Chiffon A-line Halter Knee-length Cocktail dress

The design and length makes it perfect when you want to look chic and beautiful at a work place cocktail. The burgundy color is very on trend right now.

Lace Sheath One Shoulder Short Cocktail dress

Another dress that goes great for a business cocktail. And you know you can’t go wrong with black and lace!

Chiffon Sheath Jewel Short Cocktail dress

The lovely rhinestones make this dress one of a kind. You will turn all eyes on you.

Taffeta A-line One Shoulder Short Cocktail dress 

Red is a daring shade, perfect for the independent, strong woman. If you want to make a statement this is the dress to wear.


Say it like you mean it! :)

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