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Party dresses for any occasion


Parties, we all love them! How can we not?! Parties are fun, they are a great opportunity to meet new people and socialize, have a few drinks and interact. But as much as we love parties that don’t have a dress code, we have to go to more fancier and classier parties too. The solution when we have such a party to attend is Jecicadress where we can find party dresses for every occasion.
Choose the one right for your personality, body shape and more important, the one that applies to the dress code of the party. Don’t be afraid to be bold, even if you choose a simple dress you can add a statement accessory for a more out of the ordinary look.
Pastel colors are great for women with bright hair color, they can add a nice contrast. Black and white will never go out of style so don’t be afraid to wear them when you have the chance.
Beads, sequins and pearls can add more chicness, but you have to be very careful not to go on the tacky side.
Whatever dress you choose make sure that you feel comfortable, is nothing worse than to wear an inappropriate dress to a party.

Pale blue is the perfect pastel color. Goes remarkably well if you are a redhead. Is a delicate color that is right for the sensitive, romantic ladies.

Blue is a majestic color, goes great with a powerful personality, is perfect for a strong woman. The beads on the dress makes it even more chic and special.

With an incredibly chic design this dress will put all eyes on you. The champagne color, the sequins and diamonds are great details.

The asymmetrical design gives a modern touch to this classic piece. The soft pink is a delicate color appropriate for an elegant lady.

You can be a bit daring and choose a mini dress. Make sure it emphasizes your qualities. Be careful not to wear a dress that is too short or you will go on the vulgar side.


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