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I think it's about time I post an outfit, it's been a while. Hope you've missed me!:P
This is something I wore to the event my brother organized to celebrate three years of great comics on the website he shares with a good friend: Comics cevamarunt. You should check it out! 

It's the first time I wear an animal print. I must confess I never was gaga about these type of prints, I still ain't, but I do think this one looks good. Maybe if I didn't win this dress in Starr's giveaway, I wouldn't had the opportunity to wear a leopard print, because I'm sure I would have passed by this dress if I saw it in a store. So I decided to give it a try! I wear it with my navy vintage blazer that I like very much, put a scarf (my mom’s old scarf) around my waist to replace the belt and I kept the lower part simple: black tights and boots. And of course accessorized it with a mirror necklace and a clock ring
I do hope you like it and I promise more outfit posts now that spring have finally stepped in!

Dress-Eve Gravel
Tights-no name
Scarf- my mom's (vintage)
Ring-Meli Melo



  1. da ,mi-a fost dor de tine! imi place mult de tot rochia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!daca tot e in trend leopardul,vreu si eu ceva leopard.asortarea cu blazeru e very fashiony!!!!!!!!!de accesorii nu mai zic,so weet!!!!!!pup,pup

  2. looove the way you accessorized the dress, the green sash is such a cute touch (:

  3. Inelul si lantisorul sunt superbe!

  4. You look wonderful in this entire look...but the accessories...including your nails & the belt are what make it! I really love the longer jacket to top it off!!

  5. Esti superba,imi place tare mult tinuta...pusy

  6. I am not very keen myself on animal print, but that dress is a true killer on you.
    I cannot see the belt very well, but it adds a nice touch to it.
    Loving your yewellery.

  7. I love how you styled this dress! You should definitely wear animal prints more often :)

  8. love the colour of your nails :)

    and also even though I am not a strong lover of animal print I think you definitely rock it!


  9. I missed you! Haha ;)
    That dress looks amazing on you, and I love the scarf as a belt, great idea! I love when a piece of clothing you wouldn't normally wear falls into your lap, and then you style it, and it opens you up to a whole new world of that kind of clothing... you rock animal print!
    M xo

  10. superb outfit! ar trebui sa incerci mai des animal print, te prinde de minune!!!

  11. I like the last picture! It would be cool as a ring!

  12. You look great!!!Love your leopard dress!


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