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Give me days of spring


Gosh, I want spring! Today was a capricious day, a minute sun, but windy, half an hour cloudy. I went for a stroll in the park, it was a short one, because I thought it’s going to rain, so we left and after we left sun came up again..grrr! And I heard it’s going to rain all week next week.

 As to the outfit, I went with green-ish(I know this isn’t an word:)) tones: a butterflies dress wore as a top, a khaki pair of shorts, some lime green tights. Love this color combo! With my old trusty jacket, my ice-cream earrings-yummy and rocking horse necklace and I was ready to go!:D

How is your weather where you live?

Jacket, tights, necklace-no name
Shoes-Nine West
Earrings-Chez Serebe 


CAA- Color Addicts Association


Hi! My name is Mona and I’m a color addict. Nice to meet you!
Who else is joining the Color Addicts Association? We have cookies and lot of color!:D
Ok then:) This is me today and these are the photos with bad lighting, bad, bad, bad lighting! I just managed to save one or two photos to show them to you.
So the outfit speaks for itself and I won’t write any description, I will only mention my handmade ring. It’s a scary doll that appeared on the cover of a Korn album and I simply love it! If you wonder, yes, I am a rocker!:)

P.S: Sorry for the yellowed nails, I've had on an awful yellow nail polish and it ruined my nails, now they are recovering!

Tights-Laura Baldini
Scarf-Meli Melo
Shoes-Nine West
handmade ring


Coming back to you


Wow..it's been such a long time! Man, I really missed posting on here! March was a rough month, glad it's over and I can start April with renewed forces. How you've been, people? What's new in your life? Excited for spring? I know I am, but I'm still waiting for it to come. There were some cold, windy days in Bucharest.
Although I'm posting again, I will post a look from March. I couldn't take photos lately. It was a cold, cold March day.

I'm used to wear colorful outfits, I do love color, but this outfit consists more of earthy tones although I'm planning a color blocking next time;) Im wearing this Olsenboye jacket I've redeemed on chictopia. I wanted a size M, but they didn't had in stock and they send me a size L saying they run small..well, they don't!! It's big for me, but since I gain weight it looks decent. I really like the asymmetrical cut. Because it was cold, "layers" was the word of the day. Layered with my trusty cardigan and my lovely green dress. I don’t like that my bag has almost the same color as the boots, but I was in such a hurry and didn’t had the time to move my stuff to another bag. :D

                                                Isn't this ring great?
Tights, ring-no name

Modniza giveaway!


Modniza organizeaza un giveaway cu doua premii interesante la alegere. Eu m-am inscris. Cu siguranta, ar trebui sa va inscrieti si voi! O puteti face aici. Iata pozele cu premiile:

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